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Month: May, 2012

Streak Day 1: Peering through Warped Glass

I’m trying to take on this challenge from a blog I follow. The blogger challenged readers to create a streak doing anything over the next 38 days (until July 4th).  I’m going to try to take a different photograph each day and then post on my blog.

The Breeze in the Trees

I took this picture on my way to work.  There’s so much “scope for the imagination” on my 15 minute walk to work.  I love taking the time to see the changing nature-scape— leaves, flowers, birds, grass, greens, browns, pinks, reds, whites.  In this picture, you can see a bit of the movement of the leaves as the breeze blew through the branches.

You can focus on the green of the leaves or the blue of the sky and depending on where you focus, you see something totally different.

Where do you focus in life?  The foreground or the background?

Can you see both layers?  What do you learn from seeing both layers?  How do they relate and interrelate?

I’ve often had to focus on the foreground.  What’s obvious to the eye.  The emails that need to be responded to.  The emergency situation that needs an answer.  The people asking me questions right here and now.  And I sometimes forget the background— the culture, the tone, the setting and context of why the foreground is happening.

Culture is so important to set.  It shapes everything else.  And you don’t realize what culture has been set until it’s too late, and in that case the culture is set by default, not be intention.

Culture can be set by intentional language and actions.  It needs to be thought through and worked on early on.  Mistakes may be made, but if you focus enough on seeing the blue sky and making that special, the green leaves will become clearer and more vibrant.

Purpose of This Blog

So I don’t want this to be a blog where I just muse, ramble, and journal.  I want it to be useful not only for myself but for others who may be seeking life fulfillment.  I think I need to determine a structure and process for this blog.

Possible structures:

  • reflect on a written or visual prompt for each post
  • give advice for each post
  • have a similar format for each post— three parts with each part being the same template for each post

What’s the purpose of my blog?  What are my desired outcomes for

  • myself— to become clearer on my life path. To have a space to reflect and evaluate on my forward motion toward meeting my aspirations.
  • others— to learn from my lessons.  To have a mirror for their own life journeys.

I’d like this to be an original blog— not like a lot of other blogs I’ve read that are really helpful, but not created by me.

I like the idea of having a visual prompt for each entry.  And that each entry must have:

  1. reflecting on what that visual means to me— why “it picked me” for the day
  2. stating what that visual provides as a life lesson for me and others
  3. ending on a quote or statement for more thought

Let’s see if I can make it work.  I’ll start a new post with that format.

No Turning Back

The train is leaving the station.

  • People are being told.
  • Tickets are being booked.
  • Checklists are being made.
  • Travel guides are being consulted.

I’m nervous.

I’m excited.

I’m anxious.

And the time is starting to fly by even more quickly as it becomes more real that I’m leaving my job, leaving this city that I have come to love in all its complexities and challenges.  The logistics of it all is starting to become more real— where am I going to store everything?  What am I going to do about my apartment?  How will I tell everyone I need to?  How will I fit in packing, planning, and buying everything necessary for this big change?

But there’s no turning back, and I’m amazed I’ve come even this far already.  Only three more months or so to go.

New Zealand, Here I Come!

New Zealand, here I come!

I’ve got a non refundable ticket to Auckland.  The wheels are set in motion and I can’t jump off or else I lose a chunk of change.

I’m going to be WWOOFing, hiking, hopefully diving and swimming… enjoying all that New Zealand has to offer a woman on the search for answers to life.

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