These are links to various online resources that I’ll add to over time.  Come back every once in awhile to see what else has been added!


  • I went to Paris in March this past year (2012).  Had a wonderful time.  A solo trip.   A mere 4 full days.  Here are pics.
  • My travels coming up in September 2012 will start in New Zealand where I’ll be WWOOF-ing it!  I can’t wait.  WWOOF = Worldwide Opportunities in Organic Farming.  You become a member to a region or country.  So I’ve become a member for a year with the New Zealand WWOOF.


  • I’m starting to get into making my own bread (after bringing back a sourdough starter from New Zealand in late 2012).  This is a great instructional, resource-full website!  Breadtopia by Eric


  • This is a wonderful blog that has been inspirational for me: It Starts With… by Sarah Peck.
  • Another personal favorite that I’ve been following: The Bold Life by Tess Marshall.  Good advice and tips to living boldly!
  • Leo Babauta leads an interesting, “Zen” life.  He’s got a very clean blog with good advice and tips about living “Zen.” Check out zenhabits.


  • I refer to this class I took the spring of 2012 that helped me direct my path on blogging, traveling, taking a leap to make a personal change in my life.  Here’s the syllabus for that class.  I think it’s even available as an online class at UMass Boston.