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Where Am I?

Life has been moving along at a steady pace, and I haven’t had a chance to take stock and see where I am. And then I’m going through my bag of Dove chocolates and come upon this!

IMG_7635How true is that? No matter where we are, good or bad, high or low, hot or cold, we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. My “exactly where you’re supposed to be” is…

  • in decent shape but hoping to do more running and practicing yoga and hiking and bike riding. I guess that’s a place where I’m always at – wanting to do more physical outdoor activity. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’m doing just enough in that arena.
  • in a positive, soul-lifting, wonderful relationship where I’m learning everyday how to give and take, communicate, appreciate, and just “be.” I try not to jump ahead to fast or linger on the past but really cherish each moment we have, no matter how mundane.
  • in a job that holds just the right amount of stress and challenge where I’m not exhausted and burnt out nor am I bored and restless. I have some great colleagues and some interesting brain work. I’m so fortunate to have landed here.
  • at an age where I feel relatively secure, caring less about what others think, feeling a little more in touch with my own wants and needs and not afraid to express or prioritize them. That’s a nice solid feeling.

There is lots more to come in my life, but for now, I am content in the space I occupy. The roses smell sweet. The air feels refreshing. The sunlight is warming. I sleep well at night and enjoy the days as they come. Thank you, universe!


A Wee Post to Reconnect

It's only been a few days since I last posted, but each day feels so long here on my travels since so much happens, I think. Not that so much REALLY happens, but I'm doing something different each day, learning new things, seeing new things, talking about new things, and each day feels more than its usual 24 hours. As a result, one day passes, and it feels like more have elapsed.

View of beach at Paihia, on the bus en route to Kerikeri

I am now in Kerikeri, almost at the top of the North Island of New Zealand. I'm at a lovely couple's home in the countryside. They own 13 acres and have it used for gardens (veggies and plants and flowers), for livestock, and left for paddock. I'll talk more about the WWOOFing in another post.

I can't get over how amazing this time in New Zealand has been. Food, people, fresh air, sights and sounds. I haven't really done anything spectacular or adventurous; but I've met beautiful people, reconnected with the earth physically and metaphysically, and have extricated myself from a desk-technology-centered life for just a few months (well, except for my iPad and iPhone).

Instagram-ed photo of the Tasman Bay in Nelson, from the bus on our way to Picton

When I talk to people and tell them that I quit my job before coming out there, I often get the reaction that I'm brave or that it takes a lot of gumption to up and do that. I didn't feel that brave or gumption-ful at the time– it just felt like it was time to leave the job, and I could have gone on to find another job and continued on with life in that fashion.

I'm going back home to the U.S. with new insights, with new ideas, with new friendships, and with a new appreciation for lamb (I never used to eat it, but free-range, grass-fed lamb is quite tasty!).

I'm getting clearer ideas of what I want to do and where I want to be when I get back, but I'm not quite ready to share with the world yet. I know I have to, not only just to let people know but also I'm realizing the importance of feedback and support from others. I'm anticipating big changes up ahead. I need the courage, also, to take the big leaps because I know I am capable. I fear failure and slow-going and mistakes. I have to learn to embrace all that and accept that things are always messy when there is big change involved.

So just wanted to reconnect with my inner self in this post. And to once again appreciate all that has allowed me to be here, in this place, at this time.

New Zealand, Here I Come!

New Zealand, here I come!

I’ve got a non refundable ticket to Auckland.  The wheels are set in motion and I can’t jump off or else I lose a chunk of change.

I’m going to be WWOOFing, hiking, hopefully diving and swimming… enjoying all that New Zealand has to offer a woman on the search for answers to life.

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