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Reconnecting and Finding Meaning

Since I ended my streak, I haven’t been blogging regularly. Having photos everyday to share made it more interesting to blog and actually gave me a reason to blog. Now I’ve lost some reason to blog. I know that once I start traveling, I’ll definitely be blogging. But now, I’ve lost some direction.

I also haven’t been taking photos as much since the streak ended.

So I’m trying to start a new streak: deep breathing at the end of each day right before I go to bed. I often get home and realize that I haven’t really breathed all day. I mean, I’ve done the involuntary breathing, of course, since I’m still alive. But I haven’t done any real breathing where I feel the expulsion of bad air and energy and intake of fresh, rejuvenating energy. So I’d like to do at least 10 deep breaths before I turn off the light and go to bed.

I started this last night and it felt good. But then I went through today with its craziness and lost the effects. I’ll see what happens by the end of this streak. I’m aiming for a deadline of August 31st– my last day of work.

Reconnection is about plugging back into something that you became unplugged, separated from. How do I reconnect to the blog? How do I reconnect to meaning in my life? I’m hoping that my travels will allow me to do that. But what if it doesn’t? I guess the worst that could happen is that at least I get some time off of working and get to have a change of scenery. At least there’s a benefit to that.

Some of the bloggers that I follow have been raving about a recent event called the World Domination Summit which is organized by Chris Guillebeau, writer, blogger, traveler, etc. I’ve been jealous to hear about the amazing event and wish I could have gone there! I’m looking for more people to commiserate with who are in a similar mindset of wanting to do and be more. And wanting to use creativity, mission, passion, and innovation to get there.

It’s interesting how I’m looking outside of my networks, relationships, connections, friends to find something. Why can’t I find what I’m looking for among what I have? What’s missing? Will I end up coming back from my travels and want to come back to the comfort and known of those who are here?

The main point here, though, is I want to determine the goals of my blog. I read this post from a
“Freshly Pressed” WordPress blog. The blogger talked about needing a purpose for his blog and how he needed to write about something he was really passionate about. It was a good reminder that I don’t want to be aimlessly blogging just to fill cyberspace with more useless drivel.

So here are some thoughts about what I’m passionate about that I could blog about:

  • amazing people in my life– youth I’ve mentored, people who have mentored me, friends, family
  • recipes, restaurants, food reviews– I love to eat!
  • meaningful quotes I’ve come across
  • a line from anything I’m reading– a book, blog, newspaper article

I need to set a writing schedule, too. Once a week? More than that?
Hmmm. Where to go next…

End of Streak = Success!

So yesterday ended the streak I was working on since right after Memorial Day, and I made it! I was trying to do something on a streak, everyday. That was taking a picture everyday and posting it on my blog. And though I didn’t quite post everyday, I did take a photo everyday, and it was fun!

So now that it’s over, I want to work on posting consistently to my blog, maybe not everyday and maybe not always photo-related posts, but something often enough where I can be reflecting, sharing, and processing thoughts.

A few things I’ve learned from this streak:

  • iPhones have amazing resolution and picture quality! It makes me want to take more pictures on a daily basis because I know I can take good pics with good quality to post and share.
  • Blogging everyday is possible for me. I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it, but I did it and enjoyed it in the process.
  • I have a decent eye for photos. The “likes” I got on my posts were one confirmation of that, but I also just really liked the photos I posted.
  • It’s nice to get comments and affirmations from readers, even I don’t know. What’s that about? I’m not totally sure and am thinking that one through a little more.
  • Photos provide a good prompt for musings and reflections. Each day I posted something, I ended up being able to write about something even remotely related.

So this is the beginning of a new phase of my blog. Let’s see where I go next!
And by the way, thanks to Sarah Peck who inspired me with this streaker challenge!!

#16: Morning Dewdrops

I doctored this photo a bit with Instagram.  I took the photo this morning on my walking route to the train station.  It was amazing how isolated each drop was.  And with Instagram, the colors are a bit more vibrant and stylized.

A rough and draining day.  It was a beautiful sunny day after a gloomy morning, but I didn’t really get to enjoy the outdoors at all.  Inside my office all day and then an evening meeting for a board that I volunteer with.  I’m through.  And sadness of sadness, a TV series I’ve been watching on DVD is over.  The final season.  I’m a little embarrassed to share what series, so I’ll leave it at that.  Happy ending, but it totally left me hanging and wanting more.  I was sad to say goodbye to the show, the characters, the town, the life.  And it made me think a little what it’s going to feel like saying goodbyes at the end of the summer.

So far so good with this photo-taking streak I started 16 days ago.  Only 22 days more to go.  It’s been nice having this “do something every day” streak thing.  It’s been making me keep an eye out for things I want to take a photo of.  And with Instagram, I may be able to do even more interesting things.  Although I feel like I’m cheating a bit using Instagram because I should be able to take the photo as is.  But with an iPhone (which is what I’ve been using to take all my pics), there’s only so much you can do.  I’m impressed with what I am able to do with the iPhone as it is.

So “streaking” like this hasn’t been too bad.  And I’m feeling inspired everyday by the little things.

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