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#9: Laughter

There’s nothing like the laughter of a child.

I was skyping with one of my nieces, and for some reason she just got tickled with my saying, “Night, night!” to get her to pretend-sleep. And she’d crack up and roll around in her blanket and then get up. And we’d repeat the ritual, “Night, night!” “Heeheeheehee!!!”

Children’s laughter is so free of any artifice. It bubbles up and shakes their whole body. It’s contagious. It’s pure. What happens when we get older?

I love being with people who make me laugh. Laughter and vulnerability go hand in hand. Making someone laugh, you have to crack jokes, be silly, and open yourself up to uncertainty, “Will they laugh or not?” And when laughing, you open yourself up both physically and emotionally.

What an energizing feeling to laugh full from the belly! Laughing so hard your abs hurt and your cheeks are stretched beyond their capacity. Tears roll down your face, and you can barely breathe. Laughing in the company of another person causes an unending feedback cycle where you laugh and they laugh harder making you laugh even harder and on and on until you can’t remember what you were laughing about in the first place!

I laugh at a good joke.

At the great lines in Modern Family, especially those lines by Phil and Cameron.

At my nieces and nephew saying and doing funny and cute things.

At talking stuffed animals.

When being silly with loved ones.

What makes you laugh?

Funny Photo Tidbits

These were some photos of some funny signs that I saw on my road trip across the U.S. We don't have so many of these funny signs in the Northeast, I don't think.

Such a funny one. Aren't boats usually named a woman's name or something nice? We were cracking up when we saw this one.

This one just got me chuckling because it was so vehement. This was in Missouri. It amazes me how many people really seem to dislike, no, even hate, President Obama! But then I wasn't exactly fond of his predecessor...

I really liked this one. The sign in front of this one says, Slow Down, and then you come upon this one that is really insistent. This was at a rest stop in upstate New York.

Loved this one the best. You see these all along the highway in New Mexico. The UFOs are painted on. So someone(s) went through and painted these on all the cow crossing signs. My mom asked someone who said it's because cows have been allegedly abducted by aliens. So driver, beware!

Such creativity in these signs. So do sign makers think about bringing a smile to drivers' faces when they make their signs? Wouldn't driving be more enjoyable if you had these unpredictable jabs of humor sprinkled along the long stretch of highway? Kind of like the unexpectedly chipper subway driver who makes jokes and issues cheery greetings on a particularly gloomy Monday commute. Or the airplane pilot who cracks jokes as part of his standard greeting before the plane takes off. Or the three year old reciting knock knock jokes to an attentive audience of adults who crack up uncontrollably, much to the child's delight. All things that have brought a smile to my face and even giggles and chuckles when least expected this past year.

What brings us those unexpected smiles and chuckles?


Laughter and Love

I’ve been having meals with lots of friends lately.  I think it’s the spring air that makes people want to be out, especially after being cooped up all winter.  Also I’m making more of the effort since I know I’m going to be leaving in the next few months.  Maybe it’s also just a desire to reconnect.  In any case, I am reminded how much I love to laugh and eat with those that I care about.  Life is all about LAUGHTER and LOVE.  Aren’t those the joys that we live for?

I haven’t had enough laughter and love in my life lately.  But maybe it’s been there all along and it’s about finding it in the ephemeral moments that you can grab or just let flit by. 

What makes me laugh?

  • a corny joke
  • funny facial expressions
  • silly actions by people who just have no shame
  • a story told just in the right way, with a great punch line
  • random experiences that just catch the funny bone in the right way

We all need to laugh more.  What made you laugh today?


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