Action Research

I took a course at UMass Boston’s Critical and Creative Thinking program on action research.  It was a fascinating, engaging, and incredibly useful class for me in my stage of thinking and reflecting at that time.  Here’s a diagram that captures the action research framework that we learned to use for our own projects:

Diagram developed by Peter Taylor at UMass Boston

My project was focused on my personal change.  I wanted to investigate my feelings of restlessness in my current job and life situation. I went through, and am still going through, a process of inquiry, reflection, internal and external dialogue, planning, constituency building, implementation, and evaluation.  I used the class as a way to reflect on the past and start to shape the future, especially regarding concrete action steps I wanted to take to lead me closer to my aspirations and larger vision.

I am on a journey.  I want to make the most impact with my skills, experience, and knowledge.  I want to make a contribution in making a positive change in the world.  And I’m hoping that quitting my job, traveling and removing myself from my current environment, and taking time off will allow me to dig deeper into myself to figure out what I want to take on next.