U is for “Unearth”

by Skimming

Moving is a process of “unearthing” everything you own and, in some cases (if you have the willpower, stamina, and discipline) to assess what to keep and what to get rid of.  It’s amazing how much stuff is unearthed when you pack up.

I packed yesterday and today.  Yesterday, I took 20 more boxes to my friend’s house in Pembroke, along with big pieces of furniture.  And today yielded about another 10-15 more– I wasn’t able to do a final count.  I’m still wrapping up some loose ends of the final tidbits that just can’t get put neatly into a box.  So far, I guess I’m at about 45-ish boxes?  What?!?!?

This is a fraction of the stuff I have.

And yet more stuff, sitting on the front lawn, waiting for its turn to be loaded into the U-Haul van.

As I have been packing, I’ve been slowly getting rid of things (mostly files-related).  And also determining what things I want to store in people’s basements and spare bedrooms (thanks, M, E, S, and P for helping me store all my things!!!) and what I want to take to Arizona with me on my road trip.  I’m determining what are my favorite books and belongings.  And I wonder, for everything else I’m storing, why am I storing them?  Will I really use them again?  Why can’t I let go of these things (mostly books, teaching materials that I’ve used over the years, random odds and ends that I can’t even really categorize)?

Unearthing things also unearths memories– who wrote that note to me and under what circumstances?  Who bought that thing for me that I just can’t seem to part with?  Who does this thing remind me of?  Where did I buy that?  When?  And as I wrote in my last post about the nostalgia that emerges in this season anyway, it’s just a double/ triple dose of “awww, I remember when…”

On a completely different note, here’s a fun photo I wanted to share– a self-portrait in shadow.  Who knows if and when I will ever post a photo of myself!

I was at the reflecting pool in Boston again, and the wind was blowing really hard, and I caught this shot of my hair blowing in the wind.  It made for an interesting effect.