#18: Boy and Balloons

by Skimming

This is my godson. What a cutie. He was so enthralled with these balloons.


I rode in a 16-mile bikeathon today.  Haven’t ridden that long since two years ago when I rode in the same bikeathon.  My body is protesting.  And at the same time, I’m feeling motivated (and have been for some time now) to potentially train for and enter a triathlon in the future.

I love to swim.  I love to bike.  I hate to run, but I know it would be good for me.  I think I will need to add this to my list of aspirations.  I’ve been reading, hearing about, seeing people train for and run marathons, and the idea of that has NO attraction for me whatsoever.  However, the idea of having some kind of physical activity-related goal IS attractive to me.  And since I love swimming and biking, that’s a start for the triathlon.  I’ve always admired athletes who do the Iron Man.  I would never do that, but I like the idea of doing one of these “sprint triathlons” where you run a handful of miles, bike about 15-20 miles, and swim some distance.  I would need to train for all three, but in the process, it would hopefully get me on a running kick which I have never been able to get on.

I’ve been reading Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk about When I Talk about Running, which is really wonderful.  He writes about running long distance (marathons and ultramarathons) and how he trains for them.  He compares the mentality and physical aspects of training for marathons and compares them with writing novels and to living life.  It inspires me to want to run (not marathons, but at least to be able to do a few miles– I can barely run a lap around a track.)